Southlake Style Magazine Interviews J. Mark Anderson, M.D. and Walter Gaman, M.D. of Executive Medicine of Texas About Concierge Medicine And More

“I love seeing patients feel better and have the energy they need to do the things they love.”— J. Mark Anderson, M.D.

HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE RECOGNIZED BY YOUR NORTH TEXAS PEERS AS A TOP DOC? It’s an honor. When patients love you it’s great, but when other physicians recognize you, it’s a feeling of accomplishment that comes with great humility.

ARE THERE ANY NEW PROCEDURES THAT YOU OFFER? I have a strong interest in peptide therapy and feel that the promise that lies within is incredible, not just for age management, but also for treating common medical conditions.

WHAT IS THE BEST PROFESSIONAL ADVICE YOU’VE EVER RECEIVED? An old doctor I moonlighted with once told me to be sure I take a half-day off. A mental health day will prevent burnout and help you be the best doctor you can be for your patients.

WHAT IS A COMMON MISCONCEPTION IN YOUR FIELD? Patients don’t really understand how affordable concierge medicine really is.

“Medicine is all about the application of knowledge and experience.” — Walter Gaman, M.D.

WHAT IS YOUR HEALTHCARE PASSION? I have a passion for solving complex problems. It’s probably the chess player in me, but it’s the difficult cases, the ones other doctors haven’t been able to solve, that give me the greatest satisfaction. Medicine is all about the application of knowledge and experience.

WHAT IS THE MOST REWARDING PART OF YOUR JOB? Developing the relationships I have with my patients. When they refer their family and friends, I know I have earned their trust. I love having the time, especially under the concierge plans, to build a bond and make a significant impact on someone’s health.

HOW DOES YOUR PRACTICE GIVE BACK TO THE COMMUNITY? Living and working in Southlake for many years has solidified my commitment to not only the community, but to the many charities within our community. Coming from very humbling beginnings myself, I’m drawn to help others.

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