Benefits Of Using A Personal Trainer

When many decide to start working out, they go in blind. The good intention is there, they want to be healthier and take care of themselves, but there is a lot more to getting physically fit and healthy than just good intentions. The most efficient way to enter the physical fitness world is by using a personal trainer. 

At EM Texas, our Director of Fitness, Judy Skinner, can provide a personalized program to get you started on the right foot on your new journey.

Let’s look at the benefits of acquiring a personal trainer in Texas. 


While there is a ton of information out on the internet these days pertaining to exercise, the problem is that there is too much. Trying to do your own research can be beneficial in a sense but everyone’s body is different from one another.

Some people have to focus on something that you don’t need to worry about at all. Sitting down with a personal trainer can allow you to let them know about your strengths and weaknesses, what your goals are, and any past injuries you’ve had. 

That information is key to forming a workout routine. You must learn what to do when to do it and what the correct form is. Basically, you need a teacher! There is no better teacher than a PT. 


Let’s be honest, the hardest part about entering the world of exercise is simply staying in that world. It’s very hard to keep ourselves accountable, is it impossible? Not quite, but having somebody who is counting on you to show up at a specified day and time really helps out on those days you feel like ‘taking it easy’. 


A trainer will have a good gauge on what your limitations are within a couple of weeks, meaning they can push you to where they think you can go. Motivation is vital in this environment and a PT will be able to cheer you on as you are pushing hard through something you only believe you can’t do, but their motivation helps you show that you can. 


How do you get the results you want in the gym? You go at least 4 times a week, can be more, shouldn’t be much less. This falls in line with accountability but a trainer is going to set a schedule for you so you get adequate rest to prevent injury but to go enough that you see results. Going when you feel like it is always your first step out of the fitness world. 

A trainer will show you the perfect time of exercising a certain muscle group, resting that group just the right amount of time for it to recovery, and then working it out again to build even more muscle. 


Doing the same thing nearly every day can get extremely boring. One thing you don’t want to feel while on your fitness journey in the gym is boredom. Luckily there are an endless amount of ways to get your exercise in that work out the same areas of your body. Switching things up is vital if you are going into this long-term. 

Once you are starting to get that hint of boredom, simply inform your trainer and they can surely whip up an entirely new routine for you that will feel fresh. The good thing is, the more variety you experience through your trainer, the more education you have for when you want to switch things up on your own. 


Believe it or not, there is fun to be had in the gym. Make sure you find a personal trainer in Texas that you connect with, rather than someone who is just telling you what to do. There are ways to not only exercise but have a good time doing it. You simply need to play trial and error, find what you enjoy doing and then take it and run with it. 

You’re not going to need a personal trainer in Texas the rest of your life, you will hit a time and place where you feel confident enough in your own ability and education that you can take the reigns over and reach heights you never thought possible.

If you’re interested in personal training, Executive Medicine is proud to offer such services with our on-site personal trainer and Director of Fitness, Judy Skinner. Click here for more information.

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